[2.4D5 180KM 03-07] TRANSCRIPT: Los Angeles Rams rookie C Brian Allen conference

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Los Angeles Rams C Brian Allen(On if he had any sense that the Rams would be interested in him)eah, absolutely. This was one of my top-30 visits and I came away from there with a pretty good feeling and I felt the feelings were mutual between me and the coaching staff. I just really excited to have the opportunity to get out there https://www.shopteamrams.com/Micah_Kiser_Jersey-120.ust a tough, hard-nose working guy, who going to do his job and do what expected of him. Just looking forward to getting out there again. Kind of overjoyed right now with all the emotions.(On the Rams having veteran C John Sullivan and if he thinks he will be mentored or if expects to play right away) open to whatever they expect in me. But, at the same time, being a guy from the Midwest, seeing John Sullivan play for the Vikings all these years, he someone who Ie always looked up to. So, to be able to be in a room with him and be able to learn from a guy who shown that he can play at the level he has https://www.shopteamrams.com/Travin_Howard_Jersey-123, for as long as he has is something pretty incredible for me. Just to have that opportunity to be in there and be able to learn from him. I definitely will be picking his brain, as long as I don annoy him too much. So, I excited to be under study of him.(On if his brother, Jack Allen assisted him with the entire process prior to the draft)eah, I was there in 2015 when it was his day and the call never came, so I kind of had that situation and scenario going in my mind if that was going to happen or not. But Travin Howard Jersey, honestly, I was telling my agent that I think the Rams are going to take me. I think this is where it going to be. He actually giving me a hug right now. This was kind of my gut feeling, but I didn want to have my expectations too high. Once I was getting a call from Thousand Oaks, I didn know if they were just calling me to mess around or what, but I was pretty excited.from Hinsdale, Illinois, it a suburb right out of Chicago. So, I here with my family right now. Just us and my agent. was on the phone and I was giving my older brother a fist bump. We were outside and he immediately went into my parents and they didn really know what was going on, so he started pointing at the T.V. I don think they still understand what going on. Everyone is excited. I not lying when I was saying that we thought this was going to be the spot since the beginning, so I glad it came to fruitiony first time in California was actually the bowl game, we played in the Holiday Bowl in San Diego this year, so that was my first trip out there. My second was when I visited the Rams. Haven been out in the sunshine out there too much, but the weather is definitely a little better than Chicago this time of yeareah, in college that really all I played until this last season, so I feel just as good at left guard, as I do right guard and just as good at those positions as I do center. Ie taken a lot of reps there and feel that I can play that position too if need be.
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Powrót do Mechanika DIESEL

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